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These are the children's own pages, which they can add to at home or at school.

The intention is that the pages will be a resource to show changes in learning over time.Click here for some cool tools to try out!
If you need help adding to pages please let me know!

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Wiki Guidelines:

Only use first names. Don't use surnames and don't give out phone numbers or addresses.
Ask permission before uploading photos at home or at school.
Ask permission before using someone else's photo.
Use the re-size tool so your photo is no bigger than the school sign photo on this page.
Write in proper sentences - no text talk.

How to add to your page:

Sign in.
Choose your page.
Click 'edit this page'.
To add text just click where you want it to go and start typing.
Use the buttons to format the size, font and colour of the text.
To change text colour first highlight the words you want, then choose the colour, then click 'apply styles'.

To add a photo click the cursor on the page where you want the photo to sit, then click on 'file'
You might want to upload a photo from your computer. Click on 'upload files'.
Choose the photo from your computer. It may take a minute or two to show up in our list of photo files, but be patient.
Once the photo you want is there just click on it. It will appear on your page. It might be really big. Use the scroll down bar at the right hand side to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to find the resize tool.
Next to the size word there are minus and a plus signs. Click on the minus sign to make your picture smaller.

Once your text and photos are added, click 'save' before you quit out.

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